The Ultimate Home Maintenance Checklist

Business Published at: 14 May, 2020

Your house might be the most expensive and valuable property. In order to take good care of your property, indoor and outdoor maintenance is essential. The sales worth of a well-maintained house would never decrease in the market. An elegant and lavish home also grab the attention of potential buyers in the future.

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The house is a dream for most of the property owners and for that reason increasing the worth of their properties is always at their top priority. Thus, proper maintenance of their homes is always paramount in their brains. But, there are some households who do not give much attention to home maintenance. It is crucial to keep houses well-maintained. Otherwise, a poorly maintained house can lead to severe damages that can even cost you hefty bucks to repair. Proper home maintenance like carpentry, interior and exterior remodeling, kitchen work, painting work, flooring and tiling can greatly enhance the beauty of your home. It can even upgrade the value of your property over a period of time as lavish homes always demand a good price than an average similar sized home in the same location.

If you are living in Dubai, you can easily acquire the services of a specialized home maintenance company in Dubai who can take care of every little detail concerned with home remodeling. From the smallest nail drill to extensive painting task, they must be proficient in handling every home maintenance job with efficiency. In order to maintain an aesthetic look of your house as well as its market value, home maintenance services are essential. Some of the major home maintenance tasks include plumbing, air conditioning, painting/wallpaper, floor and tiling, carpentry, partition and false ceiling, deep cleaning, and pest control.

Below is an ultimate home maintenance checklist that every home needs:

Floor and tiling

Floor and tiling is an important part of home maintenance checklist that requires attention. If the old and broken tiles of your kitchen, bathroom, patio and walkways need replacement, it’s better to call professional tillers as they can deal with any flooring task no matter how large or small. Expert tillers are proficient at working with an array of tiles from stone, wood to glass, acrylic and even stainless steel.

A very common flooring issues include chipping, staining and major cracks in tiles. It is recommended to rectify these issues as soon as possible otherwise the delays could make such defects even more terrible. Such negligence may lead to seepages or structural issues of home and this will even cost huge amount of money and sometimes can even be dangerous. Common masonry jobs include patching of walls and ceilings, repairing small cracks on walls or joints and even sealing small leakages that may have seemed on the ceiling or in bathrooms which usually include areas that are affected due to humidity related issues. Tiling services also include grouting, re-grouting, removal of old tiles, cutting the tiles to size, repairing tiled area with missing or broken tiles etc.


Plumbing is another crucial aspect of home maintenance. Plumbing issues need immediate rectification otherwise the situation becomes awful and difficult to handle. Specialized and well-experienced plumbers are available to quickly respond to your needs. Some common repairs include, leaking taps, dripping U bends, faulty shower valves, and securing wobbling toilets.

Emergency plumbing problems need to be resolved as soon as possible because it can be very dangerous. Some emergency plumbing issues involve burst pipes and radiators, fractured cylinders, overflowing tanks, cracked sinks and toilets. In such cases, you need to look for the maintenance company who offers plumbing services from dusk till dawn. Professional plumbers utilize latest tools and equipment for fixtures. In addition, these specialists also perform installation work that mainly involves insulating pipe work, replacing or relocating radiators, renewing taps, sinks and toilets, wet room and bathroom installations.


Cleaning is the most essential part of house maintenance checklist. A reputable and reliable maintenance company use modern cleaning techniques, tools and equipment to accomplish any cleaning task effectively. Whether it’s a mansion, flat, or an apartment building, a professional cleaning staff clean and disinfect thoroughly and dedicatedly. Most of the cleaning companies offer weekly, bi-weekly or occasional visits according to customer preferences.  

A huge variety of house cleaning services available for customers including house cleaning, spring cleaning, exterior cleaning, deep cleaning, after construction cleaning, event cleaning, sofa and carpets cleaning, aircraft/yacht cleaning, steam cleaning and much more. Homeowners can opt the best cleaning service as per their needs. Furthermore, customers can also acquire the services of professionals who can accomplish all cleaning jobs in a timely manner. It can save your time and help you in getting a pristine and twinkling house. With the help of professionals, you can achieve a novel and fresh look of your house that can inspire everyone.