Storeopinion: Loblaw Customer Satisfaction Survey

Business Published at: 12 August, 2021

If you have no idea about Loblaw, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. If you are a Canadian, you must know Loblaw as it is a retailer of food and very well known. Due to its reputable brand image, it is also the hugest brand in Canada. If you are willing to win some money, such as the amount of thousand dollars, the Storeopinion website is the one you need to visit. You should avail this prize opportunity by the survey.

Isn't it eye-grabbing for you?  To know more about the customer satisfaction survey of Loblaw, go through the article down below.

Let’s start!

They only want your opinion to make their services better wich each day. How come you can win such an opportunity? It is very simple, as you only have to the page of Loblaw and its website known as Storeopinion.

Spending a few minutes on filling the survey form on their website is not a big as a huge opportunity awaits you in the future. It is not such hectic and long work to do. 

They say that the opinion of their customers is essential to them. If their customers do not like certain things or are looking for an improvement, they take it seriously and make changes according to that. Let’s go for more details.

Ways to Participate in the Survey of Customer

They offer only two ways for the survey, which are the following as below:

       i. The Method of Telephone

The telephonic method is simple as you only have to call. Loblaw always makes it easy for you to participate in the survey causing no such hassle. This telephonic method is an example of ease that they provide.

You only have to call the number one-eight-zero-zer0-five-three-one-two-nine-two-eight. You do not need to learn this number but note it down on your phone book,  as they can need it any time when an announcement of a survey is there.

On the phone, when they ask you for a code, tell the code as it is nineteen to twenty digits long.  It is ok if you do not have the receipt, as you can still include yourself to participate in the survey.

Just let them know the truth, and they will continue to call the store for the code and process your participation in the survey of Storeopinion.

    ii. The Online Method - Francais

The online method is also as simple as the telephonic method. You only have to visit the page of Lablow and open the website that says Just enter the code that has nineteen digits.

Like the telephonic method, if you do not have the receipt with you, calm down as it is not such a big deal. You will see the button ‘don’t have the receipt’ on the website.

Just click on this option to open another page for your help. It will give you options of the stores where you would like to give a review. So choose it and click the option. Some of the Store options of the survey are as the following:

  • Real Canadian Superstore
  • Provigo
  • Loblaws
  • Independent City Market
  • Extra Foods

These are only a few options, but you will find plenty of options on the list. Just click on the store you want to give your review on and press the next button. You can also do the survey more than once, so you can come back and do it again with another store.

On the next step, fill the form that includes the following question, which is the store's location. After filing the city, you will find the following blanks to fill in such as:

  • The date on which you shopped the latest from Loblaw
  • The time on which you shopped the latest from Loblaw

After all these questions, you will get an option to press yes or not. Click on the yes button to enter the prize into the draw. Now the survey will be available to you.

Rules for the Survey of Customer Satisfaction of Valumart

Some of the rules of the survey for customer satisfaction of Loblaw are as the following:

  • It is not compulsory to purchase
  • To participate, you should be a Canadian resident.
  • To perform the survey, you have to be above eighteen years of age.
  • You can only win one prize per participant
  • No third-party participation is allowed.
  • If you are an employee as well as an associate, you can not enter.
  • Only one survey is allowed per purchase.

The prize is in demand as the Maruti Suzuki. As you remember all the points when making a home maintenance checklist, remember these rules the same way.

Requirements for the Survey for the no

Not everyone qualifies to take part in the survey as you have to look for the requirement of the survey for the Storeopinion. Some of the requirements are as below:

  • It is essential to have a receipt from the store of the Loblaw. Although you can still take part in the survey, keeping it safe will help you avoid all the hassle.
  • Knowing any two of these languages is essential, which are English, as well as French.
  • You need to have a device with a strong internet connection to perform the survey. Some of the devices can be a laptop, mobile phones or any kind of tablet.
  • The last essential requirement is an email address that is valid to use.

Final Words: Storeopinion: Loblaw Customer Satisfaction Scan Code

The way that is usually present is the online method. You can find all the processes to perform the survey in the online method heading above. The official link to their website is

Do not mix the links as the link to the survey is All this information will help you have a successful session.

Best of luck!