Social Media And Its Implication On Kids

Social Media Marketing Published at: 14 May, 2020

At the time social media was introduced, it was all exciting and a fun way to keep in touch with your friends all around the world. It gave us the platforms to learn and share fascinating things and meet new people.

However, today the social media platforms are used in various ways to breach on people’s privacy. There are so many viruses, hackers and malicious bots that have made the use of social media a scary experience for many individuals.

You might hear stories of social media stalking, rise in harassments cases, bullying etc. This all goes back to these platforms that are somehow enabling such acts. one more thing like online shoping in these days we are know that maximum peoples buy or sale anything online. Online marketing is also the main part of Social media. kids see anything on social media ask to parents to buy this. that's why mostly people make there online marketing places and also offer different types of sales. like 50% off 30% off etc.

In general we will discuss what is good and bad about social media and its impact on kids to give you a better sense what you are dealing with:

What Is Good About Social Media?

  • First and foremost, social media help stay connected with friends and family
  • Meet new people
  • These platforms give you the opportunity to volunteer for various campaigns, non-profits and charity events.
  • The social media gives you the platform to share art, music, ideas and enhance creativity.
  • Meet with like-minded people
  • An platform to educate and learn from individuals.

What Is Bad About Social Media?

Social media can be a hub for things like cyberbullying, hacking, porn and other questionable activities. Most individuals make their profiles online with their real name, post photos, reveal their birthdates and other interest. All this information of individuals make them easy target for predators and hackers to misuse the information.

Many kids lie about their ages to get access to websites that have adult content. Therefore the uses of social media can and are gravely being misused and spoiling the mindsets of our generations.

What Can You Do About Social Media To Keep Kids Safe?

The following are a few tips about social media precautionary measure you can take to protect your kids.

  1. Educate yourself about Social Media: It is important to keep yourself updated about various social media platforms. There was a time when there was probably just facebook that you needed to worry about, but today there are so many social platforms that you need to be aware of with respect to their privacy policies etc.

  2. Restrict the use of Social media platforms: Make sure the kids are at least above the age of 13 to start the use of social media. Most of these sites have restrictions anyways.

  3. Privacy settings: Stay up to date with the privacy setting of the platform your child is using. In order to be safer you can also encourage your kids to useprivate social medianetworks that have much stronger privacy settings. Also if you are using public social media platforms, keep their profile, photos etc private.

  4. Other safety measures:
  • Do not post personal details on your profile, For e.g your phone, address, college details etc.
  • Do not post photos or videos that might shade a different light on your character that might harm you.
  • Choose strong passwords for your profile on various platforms.
  • Never accept random friends requests on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Have a few guidelines to be set on social media for your kids to abide by
  • Keep the communication going on with your kids.

Benefits Of Using Private Social Media Platforms Instead:

There are many platforms that are ensuring a social media network platform for people who do not want the hassle of dealing with privacy breaches, hacking, harassment, fake profiles etc. Therefore many platforms like VERO, ELO, PATH etc that offer you a private place for all that you did on public platforms.

A few benefits of using private networks are as follows:

  • Not everyone will have the ability to search on the private platform.
  • The invite-only platform makes these networks elite and exclusive.
  • The photos and media shared on such platforms are encrypted with high privacy features.
  • The platforms are not overcrowded with content that is unnecessary to your liking.
  • There is no saturation of people.
  • Create private spaces for family or friends discussions and events.
  • Create invite-only digital platforms.


Today the use of social media is not just limited to socialization, in fact corporation are using private networks to do their businesses. Meetings and projects are held on company's private network platforms.

The best strategy is to use a combination of different platforms, which include public spaces, private spaces and semi-private spaces. All these spaces are used to promote secure and safe communication for projects. So if you are a student, a parents an employee and whatever platform you are using, be sure about its privacy features.

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