Best fur cross body bags to buy for traveling

Fashion & Style Published at: 15 May, 2020

If you travel to Tokyo for two weeks or relax in Montreal, a Fur Cross Body Bag is very convenient to pack for the trip. Unlike a wet bag, the transverse body will remain on your hand while you take off your shoes and, at the same time, fight for your boarding pass in safety. And once you get to your destination, the cross will be a slightly safer way to carry important items with you, for example, your passport. While the words "travel fur cross body bag over your shoulder" may refer to a sturdy nylon number with several oversized zippers, this is not necessarily the case. We chatted with nine travel planners, travel editors, and a documentary photographer to find out about their journey, including an ultra-secure, gorpcore-style, nylon version with many interior pockets and a structural tubular leather option that is elegant enough to carry, from a day on tour to a good dinner. Keep reading about fur cross body bags that don't shout to the tourist, and which you might even consider when you get home.


Best Leather fur cross body bag

Here is the following list of best fur cross body bags.

Madewell Leather Sling Bag

Jacinta O'Halloran, the senior editor of Fodor's Travel, says she loves this Madewell leather cross so much that she just bought a second one. "I can put a paperback book, a wallet, a passport, a case for glasses, and a small bottle of water in it." There are no compartments in the bag, so O'Halloran uses smaller bags (Claire V's favorite leopard print) to arrange keys, lip gloss, pens, and other small items. And although many traditional travel bags are made of nylon, O'Hallaron says that leather saves her extra packing space: "I used to bring an extra "pretty" bag for events and dinners," she says, "but I find this slim, unpretentious, the leather design will easily take me from the airport to dinner." The disadvantage is also the affordable price: "I don't need to appreciate it," she says.


Lo & Sons The Pearl fur cross body bag

If you prefer a leather bag with integrated compartments, TripSavvy editor-in-chief Laura Ratliff recommends the Lo & Sons "The Pearl" bag, which, according to her, is made of "ultra-soft" leather and has a design that organizes passports, boarding passes, and headphones. Kindle, and everything else she carries easily. "He has three different "chambers" for storage inside," says Ratliff.

Everlane form bag

A slightly larger option — large enough to fit even on a laptop — comes to us from Lindsay Mathews, editor of Destination News at AFAR, who says she used Form Bag Everlane almost every day since she bought it several years ago. The bag has a magnetic closure, which, as Matthews discovered, helps her easily move from place to place. Matthews told us that the fur cross body bag is lighter than the other leather bags that she used and does not pull her shoulders during a long day of walking. It is also a useful bag for everyday work: "Although it is large enough to accommodate everything I need for the day, it does not look gigantic, so I can use it at night when I go to dinner." she said.

Nisolo Simone fur cross body bag Shopper

Rachel Coleman, a leading social media specialist at the Berlin-based travel booking agency GetYourGuide, told us that she is trying to reduce the number of items she purchases and hone them on sustainable ones. This Nisolo criss-cross meets all the requirements - the brand produces leather goods in fair trade in Peru and is suitable in size and shape for both travel and everyday use. Handle nodes distinguish the bag from other options for the style of the buyer, and the classic color options make it ideal for the transition "from day travel tonight in a new city," says Coleman.

WANT Les Essentiels Munro Leather Bucket Bag

Whether you prefer a bag with a bucket or something more square, it depends on your personal preferences - but if you want something more cylindrical, Vanessa Montenegro, Head of Marketing and Partnerships at Prior Travel Club, offers this ( on sale) product from WANT. Les Essentiels. Despite its compact size, Montenegro claims that it meets all its needs, including a passport, face fog, a wallet, and something to read. The adjustable strap is also removable if you want to convert the transverse body into a hand-made style.