All about CSGO Accounts

Games Published at: 19 May, 2020

People are so much anxious to know the reason behind the popularity of the CSGO game. In my opinion, the ranking system attracts a larger audience especially gamers that love shooting games. However, the features and power that comes with every high account are also appealing. But achieving an account isn't a cup of tea. In order to upgrade your rank from silvers account to elite master account, you need to put in alot of effort and time. In order to put the effort in the right way is necessary. Full understanding of the CSGO ranks can help you in attaining the accounts, maintaining the accounts, and moving in the right direction by moving on the right way. Although no one guarantee,  the account ranking easy as the journey from low to high ranked will be full of wins, loss, and draws. But a detailed understanding of ranks will help you attain higher ranks. To be your guide, in this blog we will define all types of ranks.

How to attain CSGO First Rank:

When a new player enters the CSGO gaming world, it has no rank. In order to achieve and play ranked match, the player should first achieve Private rank 2.However achieving the Private rank 2 isn't easy, you need to play alot of csgo games in different modes to attain this rank. Deathmatch and Casual matches are the two best ways to start with. As both of this help try different weapons and various other players. Once you have achieved required XP, you will move toward playing competitive matches.10 wins in the competitive matches will make you eligible for the rank 1.

Variety of ranks in CSGO:

There are six-tiers in CSGO, consisting of a total of 18 ranks. The skills of a player are determined by the rank he has. The higher the rank of the player, the higher is his skill level. Have a look at the variety of ranks mentioned from lowest to highest rank:

Silvers Account:

  • Silver 1
  • Silver 2
  • Silver 3
  • Silver 4
  • Silver Elite
  • Silver Master Elite

Gold Novas Account:

  • Gold Nova 1
  • Gold Nova 2
  • Gold Nova 3
  • Gold Nova Master

Master Accounts:

  • Master Guardian 1
  • Master Guardian 2
  • Master Guardian Elite
  • Distinguished Master Guardian
  • Legendary Eagle
  • Legendary Eagle Master
  • Supreme Master First Class
  • Global Elite


Information of Each CSGO account:

Sliver's accounts are for beginners who don't have a grip on the game. The players that own these accounts are at the preliminary learning stage. the strategical skill of the players is inadequate and they also have poor communication skills.


Among all other accounts, the majority of players fall in this category. The skills of Gold Nova players vary according to rank. The one with the highest ranks is good at patterns, guns, and much more.


If we talk about the most powerful and skilled players of CSGO then all Master account holder comes in this category. These players spend a lot of time in learning custom servers, retake sites, etc.

Purpose of CSGO Smurf Account:

The CSGO smurf accounts are low ranked accounts that mostly have noob players. However, some high ranked players use it as an alternative account to play with low ranked friends or to increase their confidence by defeating noobs.

The highest rank of CSGO:

Every tier of CSGO has one highest rank. But when we talk about overall ranking, the players that hold Legendary Eagle and above are considered to be the best players of CSGO. Attaining these ranks wasn't easy at all. The players should work on certain qualities like


  • The player should Improve his aim.
  • The player should learn the meta.
  • The player should tweak their setting.


 All these factors together make you the best and top-ranked CSGO player.

Tips to rank up in CSGO:

The CSGO ranking system is difficult to understand and takes alot of time. Simplifying the ranking system of CSGO is not easy however it can be made a little easy by focusing on the following points:


  • Change game settings.
  • Improve your aims and focus to learn recoil patterns.
  • For the retake's, work on learning smoke and pop flashes.
  • Try to play with friends that are at higher ranks.


Some of the above points will take no time and will have an instant effect like crosshair whereas some will take a long time like aim improvement.


CSGO game is all about Ranked Account. As these accounts are like a skill mirror for players.No players can be successful in the game unless he does not have the basic knowledge of ranked accounts on a minimum. Each rank has its own eligibility and achieving each account difficulty level vary from account to account as well. So in order to achieve high ranks in CSGO, have a keen knowledge of what CSGO accounts are, how are they ranked, how you can get them, and much more. If you are interested in buying cheap csgo accounts, visit Ezsmurfs now.