7 tips for a successful session with an interpreter

Business Published at: 19 May, 2020

We are now living in a world of global business. So the interaction of different cultures and languages has become very common. Because of this change in the world, the requirement of interpreters is increasing and is very in demand. These interpreters are playing a vital role in helping different people, belonging to different cultures, speaking different languages to communicate with each other in an easy and convenient way. Not just among people, these interpreters are the popular means of communication among government, business, and organization as well.No matter it's a court hearing, medical sitting, or a meeting, the interpreter always plays their role to break the cultural barriers between people, business, and government.

Many people interact with an interpreter on a daily bases, but there are a majority of people that interact with an interpreter for the first time. These people don't know about things that can lead to a successful interpreter session. Not just an interpreter but clients also play a significant role to carry out a successful interpreter session. In order to ensure a better outcome and comfortable session with an interpreter, the person should take care of some points. In this blog we will see 10 significant qualities of an interpreter given below:

Provide interpreter with brief information:

To enjoy a professional interpreter session, it is essential to provide information about who, what, where will this session be. A piece of proper information will let the interpreter be ready for all types of situations and answers. Not only this, but prior information on the topic will also help the interpreter convey the message in the right tone.

The exact translation of the source :

The interpreter will never assume your answer. Even if a professional interpreter knew the answer he will wait for you to answer the question and do the exact translation of your words. The only purpose or job of an interpreter is to provide an exact translation of the words spoken and not showing any involvement in the conversation.

Speak clearly and in a normal tone:

The interpreter's job is to create clear and smooth communication between two persons that speaks a different language. The interpreter, as well as the client, should need to take care of his tone and volume. A professional interpreter speaks at a speed that is easily understandable and volume that is clear for all other persons hearing. Similarly, a client should also speak in a tone and volume that the interpreter can easily understand and translate. Neither a professional interpreter speaks with a high pitch nor a low pitch. A clear and smooth conversation is what an interpreter lives for and what a client pays for.

Handle cultural differences:

People speaking different languages belongs to different cultures as well. So it is the job of an interpreter to handle any hindrance that came within the conversation. If a person does not know how to handle things and differences properly then the interpreter lacks the quality and will never be able to manage a smooth conversation. On the other hand, the client should respect the cultural differences while giving a statement.

Use easy language:

Many knowledgeable and professional clients use metaphors and slangs. But it is not a good way as many slangs and metaphors cannot be translated in the best way in the source language. This can be a problem for the translator. So the clients should always use easy and simple language excluding the industry terminologies e.g medical terminologies, law terminologies, etc.

Take pause:

The outcomes of an interpreter session depend both on interpreter and client. For better outcomes, the client should take care that he doesn't interrupt the interpreter while he is translating. The way to carry out a successful interpreter session is by coordinating in a way that one person speaks at a time.

Don't communicate directly to the interpreter

You and the other person are the ones who are talking, the interpreter is the one that is only there for conveying the message between you two. He has nothing to do with what the conversation is about. So while talking,  look at the other person and face him to show your focus and dedication else than the interpreter.


The success of an interpreter session depends upon both the interpreter and the client.No matter how qualified and professional an interpreter is, he cannot generate good results unless they both have good coordination. In order to generate positive and successful outcomes make sure that you play your part by following the 7 steps mentioned above while having a sitting with an interpreter. If you want to hire a qualified and professional interpreter in Dubai than urban translation service is the best translation agency in Dubai to choose from.