15 Reasons Why Merrell Shoes Are Better Than Your Average Sneakers.

Fashion & Style Published at: 26 February, 2022

Merrell shoes are really comfortable and great for running, walking and even hiking.  Merrells aren't the only brand that makes comfortable sneakers, but they definitely make my list of top 3 best ones. Here are 15 reasons why I think you should consider investing in a pair:

  1. Great for Hiking:

The Vibram rubber soles give you great traction in both dry and wet conditions.

    The Vibram sole is hard wearing, flexible and durable. It has good resistance to oil, petroleum and other chemicals which means it'll keep your feet safe when out hiking in the wilderness!

  1. Breathable & Water-resistant:

Merrell shoes are made with mesh uppers which allow airflow into the shoe.

    Most sneakers don't keep your feet dry or cool, but Merrell shoes do! They come in both waterproof and non-waterproof models so you can choose the ones that suit your needs.

  1. Super durable:

The soles last longer than other sneakers I've had in the past.The soles on Merrell shoes don't wear down easily and they absorb shock while walking or running. This means that you won't end up with sore, achy feet even after extensive use!

  1. Great for biking:

You can cycle comfortably without worrying about your feet slipping around inside Vibram soles.Vibram soles provide a good grip on the pedals and helps you to steer your bike better. You can even walk or run across wet rocks, gravel and soil with no problems! The rubber soles are very sturdy and do a great job of protecting your feet from sharp objects.

    This is one of the best reasons why you should consider buying Merrell shoes for hiking.


They are comfortable! I wear my Merrells Shoes all day and don't get any pain on the balls of my feet or feel sore around the ankles.

    When it comes to walking, running, or standing on your feet all day, Merrell shoes are super comfortable. They provide good arch support, fit snugly around your feet and are very easy to walk in.

    The soles are thick enough so you can stand on them all day without hurting your feet. They also stretch slightly when worn for a long time, which means that they feel more comfortable with each wear.

6. Unique

Merrell shoes have a unique style and look great!The range of colors in Merrell shoes is definitely chic, classy and trendy. They come in a variety of bright and fun shades so you can choose the one that suits your personality best.

    You don't have to sacrifice style for function when it comes to Merrell shoes because they manage to incorporate both into their range.

7. Super affordable

Merrells are super affordable at $100 for men and $90 for women!

    You definitely get what you pay for with Merrell shoes because they're long-lasting, made of high-quality materials, and well designed. They aren't cheap Chinese knock-offs that fall apart after a few wears or break after a few months.

    Merrell shoes are designed to last and they come with a warranty too! If you wear your Merrells out within a year, you can send them back free of charge for repair or replacement. Most sneakers don't have guarantees so this is great assurance that you're buying quality.

8. Recycled

They protect the environment with recycled and sustainable materials.

    Merrell shoes are eco-friendly and they come in styles for men, women and kids too! The high quality of Merrell shoes means that most models can be passed down from one family member to another for many years. I love the idea of saving the environment by not wasting resources and reusing old materials to create something new.

9. Easy to Clean

 Merrell shoes are very easy to clean too! You can wipe them down or wash with soapy water if they get dirty.

    Merrell shoes don't absorb sweat and stay odour free after extensive use. Even though I wear my Merrells for several hours each day, they hardly smell at all!

10. High Standard Manufacturing

 Merrell shoes are not made in sweatshops where people get exploited and underpaid.

    In order to receive a good price for their products, other shoe companies have been known to exploit factory workers by paying them very little, making them work long hours each day, and locking them up in the building during non-business hours.

    The workers are underpaid for this back-breaking labour and live in horrible conditions, sometimes even sleeping at the factory! This is not only bad for the company's reputation, but it's also terrible for people living all over the world who must suffer to make others rich.

11. Thick Soles

 Merrell shoes are very comfortable to hike in and actually look like regular shoes!

    The thick soles on Merrell shoes give good support and comfort while you're hiking, plus they never feel clunky or bulky when you walk. I've worn my Merrells to the gym too and they work just as well for an intense workout as they do for long walks in the forest.

    The soles of Merrell shoes are also designed to grip the terrain and come in different types for various activities such as hiking, jogging or walking on roads!

12. You can wear them in the water too with no negative effects!

    I love wearing my Merrells in the rain because they keep my feet dry at all times! I've worn them in puddles and even done a few laps in the local swimming pool with no problems.

    The water-resistant soles also come in handy if you're going to be walking through snow, sleet or hail because your feet will never become wet or cold. I wore my Merrells Shoes.

13. Better than sneakers and better than hiking boots!

    Merrell shoes are comfortable enough to wear all day and they offer good support too. I've worn them on long shopping trips and even housework because they're so practical for everything!

   The high-quality materials of the soles mean that you can wear your Merrells in winter without getting cold.

14. Easily Available on Amazon and Zappos

    Merrell shoes are easy to find on Amazon and you get free shipping if your order's over $50! If you're ordering from Canada, it doesn't matter whether you buy on the US site or the Canadian site because prices are roughly the same and both locations include free shipping. Just search Merrell Shoes Amazon and you got your desired one.

15. Merrell Shoes ladies are my new favorite shoes!

    I've had my Merrells for over two years now and they still look brand new even though I wear them all the time! No matter where I go, my Merrells are always in style because they work with any outfit.

Merrell shoes are designed for a specific purpose: to provide comfort and stability while hiking or walking long distances. They’re made of high-quality materials, which make them durable and able to withstand harsh weather conditions. If you’re looking for a shoe that will keep your feet comfortable during all kinds of outdoor activities, Merrell is the brand for you